Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shrink to fit in your pocket (incredible shrinking machine)

  When Dalia and Danny went to visit aunt Sarah, she had a pleasant surprise for them. Two tickets to the traveling gypsy rose carnival. On the day of the carnival, excitement was brewing as the two stepped off the bus with their red and gold tickets in hand. The gypsy rose was well known for their unique exhibits, starting with the psychic bumble bees. Next, was the bearded little girl and the juggling one armed man. Then they saw the punk rock kid with half a brain and a secret compartment in his head. Their favorite was the man whose face would turn colors matching the fruit and vegetables he had just eaten.

  Dalia and Danny went to every exhibit and decided to head for home, when Danny noticed a tent that had red and blue stripes and a sign written in Latin. Dalia took Latin the previous school year and began to translate the mysterious sign. Incredibilem apparatus detrectatione. The Incredible Shrinking Machine. Even though the exhibit was closed, curiosity got the better of the two and they decided to sneak a closer look at what they had discovered. There was a large full scale model of a small town, complete with a train station, gas station, library, court house, post office, and a grocery store with apartments, and houses on the tiny street behind it.

   Then they saw the machine itself. It was made of shiny silver from head to toe with shiny brass knobs and tubes. Come to Shrink Town only fifty bucks for two weeks. Dalia and Danny both looked at each other and noticed movement in the doll house exhibit. Danny quickly took his glasses off and extended his arms out so he and Dalia could both get a closer look at the people. They were all waving their hands and jumping up and down. They looked like they were screaming, but their tiny voices couldn't be heard. "I don't think they look very happy." Dalia said.

   All of a sudden there was a noise coming from outside, someone was coming. They hid under the table the exhibit was on. Two men entered. They were speaking Latin. One pulled out a blender while the other one gathered up the tiny people. Dalia turned as white as a ghost. She tried whispering to Danny what they were saying, but they both soon would see what was in store for the tiny people. The two men put them in the blender and hit saut√©. Then they began to drink them. Dalia and Danny both came out from under the table screaming. They ran past the two men, but the men saw them both. They watched as the frightened kids ran towards the bus. Inveniemus eos. We'll find them.

  Danny stopped short, he was out of breath and frantically checking his pockets. "I dropped my wallet somewhere!" He shouted. "We can't get on the bus, our money is in my wallet. We have to find it."
  Dalia shook her head, making small steps towards the bus. She thought perhaps they would let them ride for free, but that most likely was a big no. Danny started to retrace his steps when he saw the two men. They were both looking around and wiping there mouths of the tiny people.

  "There they are." Danny said. "Lets go over here to hide." Danny saw a small gypsy caravan that had a sign for psychic readings on it. They ran as fast as they could to the caravan. Inside was an older woman dressed in black and purple. She quickly welcomed them in to view her crystal ball. Her sign on the wall said gypsy rose on it. "Are you the gypsy rose that owns the carnival?" Dalia asked, still a little out of breath.

  "My name is Anna, why have you come here in such a hurry? Did trouble follow you?" She asked. Dalia and Danny both looked at each other, unsure of what to say. "Yes, you can say that again." Danny responded. Dalia nudged him with her elbow. She whispered to him not to tell her what they saw, but Danny heard just the exact opposite.

  "No more whispers!" Anna  shouted. "You don't understand." Danny pleaded. "We saw two men in the tent and they killed these tiny people." "Danny be quiet!" Dalia screamed. Anna leaned into her crystal ball to gaze upon them with her spooky magnified eyes.

  "Did they... BLEND THEM!" Anna laughed like a mad woman while Dalia and Danny screamed. "Those  are not people my children, they are called Shrink to fits, they are computerized toys that can be eaten also."

  The sudden news came as both a relief and a shock, leaving the two feeling stupid. But that still didn't explain the signs in Latin and the machine. Anna took them both to the tent to properly meet her two brothers. The model of the town was to be used for a school play, and the Shrink to fits used weren't for sale since kids complained that they had unhappy faces, and the incredible shrinking machine was nothing more than a cappuccino machine, be it a very fancy cappuccino machine.

  In the end, Dalia and Danny would exchange apologizes with Anna and her brothers, plus refusing the shrink to fits that were offered to them. On a happy note, Danny's wallet was returned to him safe and sound. It hadn't gone far and was under the table the entire time. When they got on the bus, they waved goodbye to Anna and her brothers. The bus made a sudden stop for padestrians and Dalia was able to hear one last earful of Latin with the bus windows down.
Unum quod erat iuxta nos got paene captus.That was a close one, we almost got caught.