Friday, August 30, 2013

Othello Washington Electric Train Station

Welcome to Othello Washington's Electrical Train Station Taunton
 Since I have discovered few pictures of this magnificent building (number 21), I have decided to post the information I have found.

The electrical station at Taunton (9 miles west of Othello) and was completed in 1919.  This large brick structure contained transformers and generators to convert 115,000-volt AC power from Puget Power and Washington Water Power to 3,000 volt DC to power the trains (the connection of Puget Power and WWP at Taunton was the Northwest’s first cross Cascades electrical connection).  As an empty shell, today the Taunton powerhouse is the last railroad building in the area.  The Taunton siding, which held the eastbound trains giving passage to all uphill movement, is the last remaining original 1908 mainline rail. (from

My husband and I met someone who said she could take us to mysterious haunted locations in the area for us to take pictures.
I didn't think about how we were possibly trespassing at the time, I was amazed at how large it was and wondered why it's been ignored like it has.

Kirk on the left, and our friend on the right.

My personal opinion is to turn those old transformers into a working time machine. If Mike Marcum truly is alive and in Ohio, he would love this place and I can only hope he finds my blog someday so he can see these pictures.
 This is a closer look at the gigantic control panel.
 Now look at that to the left. Its a huge transformer!
 The hinges on those steel doors were beautiful. I want to know who designed it and if the other stations had the face hinges on them.

 If anyone ever decides to buy this poor place, I want the hinges, I have dibs on buying the hinges.
 One side of the building is this massive hardware that could make an electromagnetic field so huge, you could send all of Othello to the year 2050!!!  For anybody from Othello who reads this you can view my blog about Mad man Mike Marcum. This brick building houses enough of what it would take to create an electromagnetic field to open up a wormhole in space.
 This was very high up. You could even send space crafts straight through a wormhole from the ceiling, but like the Philadelphia experiment, someone might become impaled in the ceiling.
 Just imagine what you could do. It would be a time machine building. But I doubt that will happen. So please Othello, she's a strong beautiful building who has been neglected since 1972 and has obviously been used as a trash dump, but could still be used as a museum, she needs love!!!!!!
 This picture didn't turn out so well.
 There were some entrances, not this one, that was full of pigeons.
These pictures were taken in 2009 I think. Please feel free to email me or post a comment.
Thank you.