Monday, August 19, 2013

The Civilization Project

Deep in space is a tale which is told throughout the galaxies as far away as you can imagine. It's a tale that is not only amazing to hear, but also very true. It all start thousands of years ago, and at least three times as many light years away, when two twin alien brothers from a lonely little wet planet called Tearth-Boc-Two decided they would try once again to enroll in the intergalactic science contest. They failed the contest every light year. The selected winners got tuition to attend the best Collage University among the 100 galaxies that would enter. Zack and Zane were always blamed for their galaxy losing each light year because their planet was the smallest in the Tearh-Boc galaxy, but they were also the smartest ones qualified out of all five planets on Tearth-Boc. So truth be told, it was jealousy. When the time came for everyone to enroll in the contest, Zack and Zane's uncle Jack came to talk with them before they enrolled and started their usual space ship projects. "Before you two enroll, I have an idea for the perfect project that's sure to win, but before I tell you what it is, I want to show you the project your father and I did when we were your age." Uncle Jack said. The boys were excited to see what it was. The trip was many galaxies away and they had to create wormholes to shorten the distance of the trip. When they arrived they were amazed to see eight planets and one bright star. "Wow!" Zane exclaimed. "Did you and dad make all these?" "No." Uncle Jack said smiling. "Only two." He took the space ship over to the tiniest planet he called Pluto. That was the first planet they made for the enrollment project. The bright star was created the next year, along with the other planets. Uncle Jack said it was the bright star that ruined their project. "That dumb star Sunby made." He said. "He even named it the Sun, after himself. I hear he's doing well and makes his sun's for new solar systems now." It was that sun that chard the planet they named Mars to a bright red color. Everyone laughed, including the judges, saying it looked like their planet was mad at something. Everyone who made a planet in that solar system that year failed because of that sun. So Uncle Jack had vowed to create a planet that would prosper from the sun, since the purpose of Sunby creating it was to burn their planet, he would be as angry as Mars to hear they made use of his creation, but after his brother died, he never tried got around to it. At last they had the winning idea. They started the project immediately with Uncle Jack's help. They wanted a large wet planet like their own. Zack coined it the blue planet. On the day they hauled it to it's new home near the sun and the other planets, it got loose and began spiraling out of control. They tried to grab it but it was no use, they lost it. Zack and Zane were stunned. "Now we have to start all over again!" Zane shouted. That evening there was a knock at the door. It was Sunby. "Hello Jack, I just came by to see if you lost a large wet planet." "You found it?" Uncle Jack asked. "But how?" "Well, it wasn't easy. I wouldn't have caught it if my daughter Moon wasn't there. She's a music teacher at the Collage University. Her newest class project is about creating sound, so she created her sound machine for the class and named it the Moon, after herself. Your planet stopped as soon as it got within orbit of it." Uncle Jack and the boys were very excited. Moon decided to donate her sound machine to Zack and Zane for their project. On the day of the judging they finally won. Their planet was in perfect orbit with the moon and the sun. It could get warm and cold and would be able to sustain life. And since this was the first planet in that solar system to be able to sustain life, they would surely be creating beings for their first real collage assignment. When the judges asked them what the planets name was, they both thought about it. They took the letter "T" off of Tearth to call it Planet Earth.