Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My clairvoyant experience

When I was 17 I was sitting at my bed wide awake. I briefly closed my eyes, it was more like a long blink. I saw a vision pass before my opened eyes. If you can imagine having a thin layer of sand on a flat surface and seeing it  wisked away with a slight breeze, that's how it appeared before my eyes. I saw a gas station/minute mart with maybe one person at the pumps and a yellow Chevy Van parked in front of the store with the sliding door and front passenger door opened. It was as if I were in a vehicle with a video camera, I was slowly getting closer to the parked van. For some reason, I sensed I was like a passenger in a garbage truck. I heard a female voice which was audible, saying; stop the car, stop the car. Not in a worried voice, but in a happy and cheerful laughing voice. I stopped just before running into the back of the van, and the vision was over.
I have no idea what ever caused this, or what store it was, although I think it was near where I'm from in Vancouver, Washington. For a while I thought it may be a premonition, so I always watched out for old vans and the store layout. After that I was able to tap into visions or viewing any time I wanted to by closing my eyes and imagining them being opened, I hope I'm explaining that right. I'm wide awake, my eyes are closed yet I'm telling myself to open them without actually opening them. Then I'm telling myself to move forward. I wasn't moving, but I imagined myself moving forward and soon I would start to see white light and sometimes it would look like city lights.Then if I remember correctly I viewed two heavy set women who were arguing. One was holding a baby with red and white striped pjammas and the other woman took the baby and the vision was over. I also viewed a bunch of flowers that were so beautiful, they didn't look real. NO I WAS NOT ON DRUGS. That's all I remember vividly. I think when I would imagine my eyes opening, what I was really doing was opening my eyes to that realm. I am now almost 38 and have not done it in 20 years. I know its because I'm too tense and have ADD. I know I can do it again but I need to relax and I don't think I'm ready to just yet . I didn't even know about remote viewing back then. I don't think I like the Military type of way they do it, and besides, I did it on my own even though the draw back is I had no clue what I was going to see. That's my story :)