Sunday, October 13, 2013

Strange lights in my own back yard(Pisces and Virgo disagree)

    Every now and then, my spouse and I become complete opposites, him being a Pisces, and me being a Virgo it should already be known that we are opposites. I have always thought of myself as intuitive and open minded, but when these strange lights are seen in the park, (which is basically our back yard), the Pisces goes bananas and I show my true Virgo colors of skepticism.
  He sees lights that I always thought to be the lights from the neighborhood which is next to a school on the other side of the park. But, I took a picture this morning as a daytime comparison, (which I will post after taking the nighttime comparison photo), and I realize those lights aren't coming from a neighborhood or the school, from our view they would be coming from the tree tops or the sky!!!
  So, Pisces is right and Virgo is wrong, (And mean for thinking him nuts). Last night while walking Walter along the fence by the park, I saw an orange light that seemed to be coming from the opposite side of the park, ground level. It did a yo yo effect, from up, to down, then up again. Well, all I got from the Pisces was; I TOLD YOU SO!!!, BUT THEN AGAIN, WHAT DO I KNOW? I'M CRAZY. Well said Pisces. So after I dry my hair, my beagle Walter and I will be scanning the park for further evidence and more daytime photos. Now, this may seem odd to some of you, but these lights aren't UFO, (could be though), but we think perhaps they are government, be it local or not, that is our assumption at the moment. So I will be posting my photos tomorrow, and have a happy day all of you Pisces and Virgos out there.