Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shrinking Humans?

   How could we shrink people? Lets first break it down and look at the space we live in. When we think of how space is measured, we wouldn't think of it in terms of acres, but in terms of Dimensions. Dimensions are how we measure spacial extent, especially in width, height, or length. Spacial refers to having the very nature of space.
   In order to change the molecules of a human being and shrink them, you would have to change the space in which we live in and make it independent of what we now know as space. A Matrix is an environment or material where something develops. So I suppose an incubator would be a matrix of some sort, since whatever is in it is developing. A womb is a human matrix.
  Anyways, if you look at molecules, and think of human proteins and tissues as molecules, then, thinking in absolute terms, you could shrink a human by changing the space and making it independent of our space like I said before, and that can be done under a relative dimension matrix.
  Absolute terms are known and don't contain the unknown.
  Relative terms basically I think are like oxymoron's, they can have other meanings. So if you think about  how you would create a dimension matrix, it seems rather difficult in relative terms. Obviously you would need a large closed container of some sort like a small bio dome, but you might not relatively speaking. You could make the space independent of ours without a closed environment. Doesn't a wormhole .make it's space independent from the space around it? Yes, I think so. Please correct me if I'm wrong. So the key to shrinking people is to do something similar to what a wormhole does. Relatively speaking that is.

It looks like a wormhole has achieved making itself independent of the space around it. But if wormholes all have radiation and exotic matter, would we have to subject our humans to that too?

This was called the incredible shrinking machine. I guess I'll have to rethink my story name. I do plan on writing my part two very soon. I thought this art picture was nice.