Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reply to Amai and everyone at the Astronomy page

AVAI 'D AMICO One thing I find interesting in scifi is the solar systems. For example instead of our earth+moon you might find multiple moons...or even two sister planets orbiting each other. Do you have any thoughts about how writers might consider effects on tide and frequency of eclipses when creating systems like that? I'd be very interested in reading a blog entry about that. Re; Okay, I have one great idea. A blackhole has formed and is hundreds of light years away and is devouring everything in it's path, consuming anti-matter and creating exotic matter as it makes it's way to our planet. The Tsunami's would be mild compared to the orbital wobble, which would be like a sudden flop, and the complete dysfunction as our planets would resemble a game of pool. Very few if any will survive and that's only by some miracle chance that enough exotic matter had been consumed by the black hole to make it a traversable worm hole. That still doesn't mean life on Earth will be safe. That would be something I would write. It's interesting to think that perhaps the moon was specifically built to keep Earth in balance. Maybe a long time ago we were in a different galaxy and had a few moons until we went through a black hole. Ya never know.