Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Darrel Sims The Alien Hunter Discussion

    I posted this on my blog. It was one of Art Bell's best shows, CHECK IT OUT. But first, I have to say this is true SCIENCE FACT and should give you great Science Fiction ideas. Darrel worked for the CIA for two years and is now working with people abducted by aliens. He talks about planting memories in some of the abductees minds. It's like the Manchurian Candidate Art Bell said. If I'm not making sense it's because I'm listening to it as we speak.
    I'm waiting for one part to come on so I can blog about it. It blew my mind. This show aired in the late 90's, 97 or 98 I think. Screen Memories, what are they? The aliens will plant memories in the abductees, Darrel can explain it better when you listen to the show, but they can appear as your dead grandma or as a clown, it's like adding a new windows desktop picture to your brain.
    Aliens may be after us for how some of us process information.
OKAY!!!! During this program Darrel Sims spoke about a psychic that came to see him, get ready for this, it's what totally blew my mind and made me think. They did his hypnotic regression therapy and the psychic found herself remembering her abductions and it turns out, the aliens had been giving her the psychic ability the entire time. That blew me away. It makes you think about whether or not humans truly have psychic ability or do they all access the info from the dimensional beings.I used to be able to induce random remote type viewing when I was 17. I'll blog about it in a few minutes. EVERYONE LISTEN TO THIS SHOW!!!