Saturday, August 24, 2013

Flash Gordon Week.

When it comes to using everyday things such as natural disasters to create great science fiction, nobody does it like the merciless Emperor Ming from planet Mongo. Flash Gordon is a name that everybody knows, although not everybody has seen the movie, read the comics, or watched the T.V show, including me. So I am here to announce this week as being Flash Gordon week. One thing I have learned my short time as a blogger is CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. And even though I still have two short stories to finish and post, I want to introduce myself and my readers to the various aspects of science fiction, so I am downloading the movie Flash Gordon as we speak so I can learn more about the character than I do.
Like I said,most of know Flash Gordon, but don't really KNOW Flash Gordon, and I'm not about to use Wikipedia for anything except names so I know what to download, and for cross referencing. I want my take on Flash Gordon to be MY TAKE. So get ready to step back in time because this is the first annual Flash Gordon week.