Monday, August 12, 2013

Christian Science Fiction

Searching the web for Christian sci-fi which is a relatively unspoken topic in the secular science fiction world. One book I researched that falls under the Christian fantasy category is; The Gate, by Dann A Stouten. It's about a man who is 'burned out' and decides to check out a cottage on some property when his family is away. After entering the gate, he is greeted by the proprietor and people from his past and he begins to think the property is a back door to heaven. I have not yet read the book, but it sounds interesting. If anyone has read this book or any other book by Dann Stouten, let me know, share a post. I think, although Christianity doesn't fall under the main stream science fiction category, but why not? I think it's because American society has a problem with Christianity in itself. But I can think of many creative ways to make Jesus and the bible a part of main stream looking sci-fi. Take the story of Daniel and the lions den and make it a story about Daniel and the aliens space ship. The point of the story being Daniel ends up praying and God keeps the aliens on the space ship from melting his mind. You can do all sorts of stories like this and make them sound cool and not cheesy Christian sounding. If anyone would like to hear more on this subject or would like me to start a whole new blog, let me know. (I might start a new blog about Christian sci-fi anyways).