Monday, August 26, 2013

Flash Gordon Week Day 2-1980 movie recap

Loved the movie. I noticed Flash was floating away on what looks like a wave runner at the end. I thought that was awesome. I did a little research on the personal water craft and the U.S.A first got their taste from Kawasaki in 1973 and Yamaha in 1986, but Europe was the first to develop them. I'm going to post the movie on youtube for your viewing pleasure.
I don't know if I said it yesterday, but I watched the movie Ted and saw Sam Jones(Flash Gordon). He looks great for his age. He had the blonde hair just like in the 1980 movie. I like the blue alien blood of the guy that bit the dust by the sword. Here's my take on blood colors; two words; TEAL GREEN. I think teal green would make the perfect alien blood color because it has a richness to it. It's not a flat color like red paint versus red blood. Get my drift? It looks like it could actually be a blood color. Of course the movie had crayon baby blue as the blood color, but that made me think of teal which I am naming as the number one alien blood color. I'm now going to post flash and do some more Flashing, maybe some Flash cartoons or some old 1930's episodes.