Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sci-fi inspiration from the CIA

I have been using the CIA for science Fiction story ideas while writing my own book which is a work in progress. The CIA created Google Maps, yes you can even check it out on the website. Conspiracy theorists are a great way to find Science Fiction ideas. Nothing against people like Alex Jones, I am fully aware of the deep trouble our world is in. I am also a fan. I think it's interesting and terrifying that SkyGo is using bone conduction technology to whisper ads in someone's ear when they lean against the subway window. Sound like science fiction? I left the direct link so you can all check it out for yourselves. Bone conduction moves sounds of the inner ear through the scull and to the brain. This is another link with information regarding telepathic ray guns and fever lasers. That's right, obtained from the US Army Intelligence agency freedom of info act. Fever lasers heat the human body until disorientation occurs. The point is, sci-fi is now sci-fact. We don't need to go too far for technology ideas. I would really like people to post replies on the blog itself, tell me what you think and where you think the blog should focus on. One more thing; Google is the ultimate Clandestine operation. DO NOT TRUST WHAT WE ALL USE EVERYDAY. The CIA is also rebuilding TEIR TWO AND TEIR THREE NETWORKS. I took Cisco so I know what that is. To put it simple ; that's Qwest, AT&T, it's the second and third largest networks to the internet backbone. It's how you and I get our Internet service everyday. THAT'S NOT CIA MATTERS, SO WHY ARE THEY MEDDLING WHERE THEY SHOULDN'T BE? BECAUSE THEY LOVE TO SPY ONUS. YES IT'S TRUE, but not to worry too much. My answer to the NEW WORLD ORDER is; SCIENCE FICTION.