Friday, August 30, 2013

Mad man Marcum- The true story and possible resent updates about Mike Marcum and his time travelling experience.

One of the most memorable Coast to Coast shows was about Mad man Mike Marcum. ( The funny thing is on his second interview with Art Bell, he was asked about the nick name Art had coined for him, and his reply was that he didn't like it. Of course it's forever stuck.) Then 21 years old, he built a small Jacobs Ladder at his home in Stanberry, Missouri. He discovered a small hole at the top of the arc in the electromagnetic field of the Jacobs Ladder and threw a screw into it. The screw disappeared and eventually reappeared, I'm sure hours later, on the other side of the Jacobs Ladder.

As you can see from the picture, the electrical flame,( electromagnetic field), is where the shimmering small hole was at the top. I also posted this illustration to show how one works, or how you can maybe pick up where he left off.

   After his discovery, he wanted to make a large one that would be human size, but needed much larger transformers, that's when his obsession with time travel led to him "borrowing" 6 transformers from the power company. When his experiments caused his entire neighborhood to lose power from these massive transformers, the police arrested him for theft shortly there after. He spent a year in jail and received probation.

  I think the second interview occurred after Art Bell was contacted by Mike's probation officer. I've read on other blogs that he wanted to raise money for Marcum's experiments since he was going the legal route this time. Art Bell told Marcum not to step into the time tunnel without him being there with a camera, but  his probation officer contacted Art months after the second interview because he got a failure to appear to a probationary meeting. He has not been heard from until recently as an August, 2011 article in Nexus Magazine posted an article after contacting him through someone who knew him. I haven't reviewed the article yet, but here is what someone posted about it:

UPDATE: Here's what happened to Mad Man Marcum when he disappeared in 1998!

A 5-Page Article in the Nexus Magazine tells what happened to Mad Man Marcum! Link to order the Article for $1.50

The article in Nexus Magazine is great! It tells MMM's entire story, including why he disappeared. Here's a short summary of the end:

After being on Art Bell's Radio Show, he got lots of donations of equipment and a warehouse to build his Time Travel Machine in. In 1998, after experimenting with the machine, he decided to try it out himself. He jumped through the electric field that he created, and was transported two years into the future, 800 miles away. He was in a field when he regained his senses, but he lost his memory.

MMM ended up in a Homeless Shelter that night and eventually most of his memory returned to him. He worked until he could afford to get back home to his warehouse. When he arrived at the warehouse, he found it empty. All of his Journals, Video recordings documenting his work and experiments, and all of his equipment was GONE! He doesn't know what happened to it or who took it.

He lives in Ohio, but doesn't have the money to start all over again with the needed equipment to build another Time Travel machine. If he had the equipment, he would continue with his work.

What upsets him the most is that he cannot remember the names of all the people who donated to him. He wants to tell them why he disappeared for two years, and thank them for helping him. He feels that they will think he is ungrateful, because he cannot get in touch with them due to being unable to remember their names.

MMM still surfs the Internet and reads scientific journals. Maybe he'll stumble onto Paranormalis some day! We can hope


  I will have the article posted next week.  If Nexus really found him, then the stories about 1930's newspapers are BS. I have heard that a man called coast to coast and said that he saw a 1930's newspaper article from Phoenix, Arizona that talks about a man wearing unidentifiable clothes was seen wandering in the desert outside of Phoenix with third degree burns on his body, speaking incoherently, but said his name was Mike. Now, I haven't heard that on Art Bell, nor have I been able to scoop out an old article from the net, but the mere story brings another possibility to the table regardless. I also heard a similar one that said a coast to coast listener saw a 1930's Orange County California article with a picture of a man found dead inside a crushed tube holding a strange object. Could be a cell phone, since he told Art he'd bring one with him. All I can say is; the government took his stuff which is why he should have had someone there to keep his notes and equipment safe. Either way, Here's to you Mike Marcum.