Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I made my first attempt at requesting information about Project Aquarius at the CIA website. I have the book by Brad Steiger, Al Bielek and Sherry Hanson Steiger; THE PHILIDELPHIA EXPERIMENT & OTHER UFO CONSPIRACIES. PROJECT AQUARIUS was created by the NSA as a top secret Air force group created to deal with UFO's. To collect all scientific, technological, medical, and intelligent information from identified alien crafts. I requested it all including the identities of the aliens and their space crafts through out the 1960's when the book said the project started. The website tries to get you to agree to pay a fee that the CIA decides upon, or else take their free basic information. I did not agree upon any such fee or free basic cable, so to speak. I simply stated that I was requesting information through the freedom of information act. I suggest anyone do the same. I will keep everyone posted in the hours days, or weeks to come. All we can do is try. It's fun too. I was wondering if the name PROJECT AQUARIUS came after an encounter with aliens from the Aquarius constellation. Things that make you go hmmm. I will have to research it more since the book doesn't give anymore information.