Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Yesterday I signed myself up to a writers group called Scribophile. You can sign up free or pay for a subscription which offers more than the free subscription. I signed up for the free offer. I think Scribophile is great for aspiring writers like myself.
 You can post your stories and have other writers review it. You can get what is called Karma points for critiquing other people's work and for winning contests. I just got invited to a science fiction group. That's right, there are various groups you can join. They also have blogs and a writerfolio, which I have posted mine, that lists your writing strong points and experience. It's an online professional writing portfolio.
  I really encourage anyone who wants to be a serious writer to check them out. They have a writing academy that has a list of writing resources posted by Scribophile's professional writers. Scribophile basic lets you post up to two pieces of your work at once, costs you one extra karma point for entering contests, and lets you store up to ten private messages and bulletins. The Premium service allows an unlimited number of works posted at once, no extra karma points to enter contests, unlimited numbers of private messages and bulletins, and far more to list here. The monthly premium price is $9, or $65 a year. Regardless, when you sign up, you have an option to use a  pen name, which is only encouraged if you plan to use it in the writing world and receive checks with that name. You use your real name on the writerfolio. Once again, I encourage everyone to check out scribophile.com