Sunday, September 15, 2013

Teal of Section Six

       Teal Porter always had a deep fascination with the occult. At age sixteen she met up with a group of   young adults who sought to take over the lower levels of the astral plane, calling it section six. The group had more of an influence on her than she realized. She eventually dropped out of school and killed herself. When she was brought forward to have her life review, only then did she realize her mistakes and begged the Lord to allow her to correct them.
      Jesus told her she was forgiven, but she must remain a spirit in between life and death in the place called section six. She must make sure the people who enter see the errors of there ways before they end up doing what she did.


(Teal)   It's too dark in here, I hate this. I can see light but I can't reach it. I didn't know section six was another word for hell.

(Stranger)   It's not. 

(Teal)  Who said that?

(Stranger)  I did, I'm under your feet, you can't see me but I can see you.

(Teal)  How can you see anything in this hell hole?

(Stranger)  Ha, ha, ha, choose your words carefully my dear.   

 (Teal)What's your name?

Stranger) You don't need to know my name.

(Teal)Then what do I call you?

(Stranger   Void, you can call me Void.


  (Teal)  What kind of a name is Void? It sounds creepy.

(Void)  Welcome to section six honey.

  Teal walks through darkened walls, only to realize later that she could walk through darkened walls. The voice called Void stayed under her feet. She doesn't know whether or not he is the devil or another soul trapped in section six. She asks him where they're going and he says nowhere.

(Teal) What do you mean we're going nowhere? How can we be going nowhere?

(Void) You're in section six now. Time doesn't exist. 

(Teal) At least if I could see something.

(Void) You want to see something? Okay, here goes.

  A dimmed light with a reddish glow illuminates the vast and darkened valley of section six. Teal sees that she has been walking through a swamp of bloody red fog, so thick it looks liquified. The valley is surrounded by mountains and dead trees. She sees a trail that leads to the top of a smaller hill side. Void warns her not to go up there.

(Void) I wouldn't go up there if I were you.

(Teal) Well, you're not me, and where are you anyways? And don't tell me you're under my feet. I don't see anything on the bottom of my shoes, and it doesn't look like there's a basement in section six.

(Void) I don't think now is the time for questions, you shouldn't be walking up here.

(Teal) Why not? It's better than staying down there.

Teal starts to hear a familiar voice as she gets closer to the top.

(Void) You don't want to see him here.

(Teal) It's Chris, how did you know that?

(Void) Know what? His name is Zondor in this realm and he's planning a take over, starting with section six. Once he gets this realm, it's all over. He's quite powerful and if he sees you down here, let's just say you'll be his bitch. You don't want to be anyone's bitch down here.

(Teal) So it's true?

(Void) What's true?

(Teal) Chris summonsing the spirit of Zondor and making a pact with the devil to rule the lower levels.

(Void) Holy shit you did fall for it didn't you? That's pathetic, I never thought I'd actually meet someone who cast thy life into thy fiery pits of hell for that douche bag. Ha, ha, ha. That's too funny.

 (Teal) Leave me alone asshole.

Halfway up the hill, Zondor senses movement and sends his minions after Teal. Void tells her to run after the shadow she sees ahead of her, it's him wearing the only form section six will allow him to wear. She is quickly sent through a large tunnel which leads to an underground cave. She fell hard on the dirt floor.

(Teal) Ouch, Damn it!!! What the fuck is this place anyways?

(Void) Shhh, they'll hear you.

(Teal) I don't really care shadow man.

(Zondor) Well, well, well, how's my little death princess? 

Teal screams as she sees Chris has transformed into the demonic form Zondor.

(Zondor) Oh, and it's nice to see you haven't lost any more weight Void. 

(laughs from the minions) 

(Teal) Get the hell out of here Chris, I don't care what you call yourself, you're seventeen and your brother is gay. You can't hide.

Zondor became angry, his teeth were black and scabs erupted all over his face. His large form lifted Teal up with his right hand.

(Zondor) Hell? Did I hear you say hell? You haven't even seen hell until you see what I'm going to do with section six. Altade, take this bitch to the mountain. It's time for a little sexual sacrifice. 

(Teal) Altade? Holy crap aren't those mints?

(Zondor) Silence bitch!

Zondor and his minions took Teal to the mountain's peak where they prepared for the sexual sacrifice. Meanwhile, Void attempted to gather seven dragons to help him in her rescue.  Zondor stripped her naked and tied her to a post. Her long brown hair was waving against the breeze. Zondor's   minions stripped themselves down to their bear naked green flesh.

(Void) Seven dragons by which you will rot with fear.

The sky quickly turns from red to burnt orange, brown and finally teal green. The dragons encircle the minions, giving Zondor a run for his lair at the foot of the hillside. His minions are thrashed by the dragons and are one by one sent back to the cave as well. Teal lays on the ground with marks where the rope that tied her becomes red like hot coals, burning her skin and electrifying her hair. The energy surges through her body like lightening, then cools as a soft teal green glow, matching the sky. The dragons quickly disburse and disappear into the teal green sky. 

(Teal) My hair matches my name.

(Void) It was nothing, just another day on the ranch.

(Teal) Thank you Void, but if you don't mind, I'm naked and I don't like being naked.

(Void) Naked is my favorite sweetheart, and you're welcome, but I'm afraid since you broke a rule, you'll have to earn your clothes bit by bit just like jail.

(Teal) WHAT?! I can't walk around naked, what if someone tries to hurt me?

(Void) You should've thought about that before breaking the rules. Now you'll have to earn clothes.

(Teal) Oh great! How exactly do I earn clothes?

(Void) Well, you can start by helping someone.

(Teal) Helping someone? Who? And how exactly do I do that when I'm naked?

(Void) Naked people can help, anyways, you can start by walking to your left towards that dark valley over there. It's called the dark city, and it's where Zondor takes his girlies for prostitution. You can earn a G-string if you stop a girl from whoring herself.

(Teal) Oh great! You expect me to walk into a prostitution town NAKED and trade places with someone? That's bull shit!

(Void) NO, NO, NO!!! Are you crazy? Sex will get you a thousand years of hard time. Don't mind the pun. No, you have to do good things, like helping people. Get it?

(Teal) I guess so. 

Teal walks naked through the darkened valley to the place called DARK CITY. She has no clothes and is guided by Void whom she can't see, and remains under her feet. The smells of rotted garbage fill the air as they approach the city that is filled with the flesh of darkened souls.

(Teal) Sorry, but I don't understand. Why is Zondor so powerful and you don't even have a body?

(Void) Ahem, before you start insulting me , just remember who your friends are. And because of you I have to find a new home.