Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting Science Fiction story ideas from the Bible.

Anyone considering Christian Science Fiction, myself included, may have a difficult time finding ideas.
  Jesus has 46 parables in the bible and you can make a sci-fi story based on each one. Not to mention the bible stories we all remember as kids.I was going to list all 46 of Jesus' parables with story idea examples, but I'm not sure I want to do that, it's a lot of work, so instead I'll just name a few. My first bible story that comes to mind is;

 DAVID AND GOLIATH- An alien race in a lonely galaxy has been bombarded by a race of giants.called the Nephilum. The tiny alien race is being annihilated by these giants. The only thing they can do is go underground to hide, but how long could they possibly stay there? They would surely starve to death.
 After a week the giants make a deal, send one person to fight one on one. David volunteers and kills the giant by using telepathy to kill the giant.

DANIEL AND THE LIONS DEN- A man unknowingly enters an aliens den to escape the fall out from war. He is surrounded by vicious beasts. His home planet doesn't pray to God since they abolished it centuries before. Daniel decides to pray anyways and the beasts fall to sleep so he can escape. He then tells the survivors on the outside about his finds, changing his planet forever.

MOSES- When Moses was placed in the basket and sent down stream, you could say a planet under tyranny causes a mother to find a wormhole to another dimension so her son could be saved. When he grows up a gypsy tells him who he really is and who is mother was. He then sets out to free his home planet from this awful tyranny.

  JOHN THE BAPTIST- I know this might sound creepy, but you could make a sci-fi story or comic book about JTB fighting crime while keeping his head in a jar, just a thought.

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